What does “Christian” mean on Monday morning?

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Looking for a small group resource or a personal study?  We are now making the Christianity 9 to 5 Bible Study available to you for no charge (119 pages, ten 45-minute sessions.)  Perfect for Sunday school, before-work or lunchtime small group discussion, it also includes a leader’s guide to help you disciple people to live out their faith at work, appropriately and consistently.

Learning to Lead

Become a leader of excellence and integrity. On this YouTube channel, you’ll find brief, practical video lessons from Professor Zigarelli about how to develop your leadership skills. A free website, for personal study or classroom use.

How do I become more like Jesus?

Based on the experiences of more than 5,000 Christians around the world, and drawing from the finest thinking on the subject, Michael Zigarelli uncovers the secrets to cultivating Christian character and to living the best life possible.

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Don’t just make an argument. Make a difference!

From the classroom to the courtroom to the boardroom to your kid’s room, Influencing Like Jesus will show you how to be more persuasive. Drawing from the timeless lessons of the world’s greatest influencer – Jesus Christ – Michael Zigarelli presents fifteen ways to open people’s eyes and change their minds, even when they’re highly-resistant to change. Whether you’re called to be an influencer at home, at work, at school, or anywhere else, you can do more than make an argument. You can make a difference!

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Scriptural wisdom for superior results

Whether you’re an assembly line supervisor, a church pastor, a school principal, or the CEO of a multinational corporation, the Old Testament Book of Proverbs offers timeless principles for leadership success. Management by Proverbs explores twenty-five of these principles with incisive commentary, dozens of contemporary examples, and plenty of practical, road-tested advice. Available in English, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and Korean.

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You’ve known it for years. You need an MBA.

Stewarding your ministry takes more than hard work and good intentions. It takes solid business skills as well. But if you don’t have two years and some serious money to invest in an MBA program, consider instead The Minister’s MBA.

If you’re ready to supercharge your ministry, inspire people to excellence, and partner with God for maximum impact, The Minister’s MBA is a curriculum designed just for you!

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How excellence happens

From 2000 to 2010, the Messiah College soccer program—the men’s team and women’s team combined—posted the best record in NCAA soccer: 472 wins, 31 losses, and 20 ties. Few programs were even close. Seventeen Final Fours between them during this time. Eleven national titles. Unbeaten streaks measured not only in games, but in seasons.

How do they do it? What’s their secret of success? They use what might be called “the Messiah method,” seven disciplines that propelled these teams from decent to dynasty.

They’re seven disciplines that can supercharge your team, too. Whether you’re leading a sports program or a business or a school or a church or any other organization, there’s a proven method to achieve breakthrough performance—and to sustain it year after year.

It’s The Messiah Method. It’s how excellence happens.

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